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Velett company was founded in 2000. We are specialist in international exports and imports of full-shipments in road transport.

Our success

on the road
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We have a modern fleet of 20 vehicles

and we are very proud of quality of our drivers. The mostl of our drivers is working for us for years. Our ambition is not to become a multinational firm, but to remain a middle-class Czech company based all the time on the very same principles – minimal errors, mutual respect and respect to our customers.

Our main goal is providing to customers value-added services and 100% securing of transportation requirements. Our job is to secure the interest of those who entrust us with their goods to transport.

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Fleet Control

Our dispatch department works 24/7

We are constantly monitoring our vehicles and also is their transport routes. You’ll never hear from us that there was a “traffic jam”. Our job is not only prevent problems, but also to inform customer asap about any issues on the route. Our dispatchers have experience in dispatching for 20 years and their practice is why we can manage 98% of all our shipments to right the place at the right place.

(TQM) Total Quality Management

Our company is oriented towards sustainable development, customers and constant improvement in processing.

We put emphasis on quality management in all part of company life and involvement of all workers. Any error is recorded and a process is developed in the future to significantly limit the risk of a recurrence of the error. Simply say, the our goal is always learn something new from our mistakes, not only at the level of the individual, but as the whole company. This system allows us to be strongly Customer oriented.

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Vehicles Management

Our fleet is made up of Mercedes-Benz, Volvo, Renault and Scania top brands. Modern transport units are completed by Schwarzmuller semi-trailres with 90cmb and 100cmb loading capacity. Our semi-trailers can also offer special units as double floors with forklifts, double floors allow us to transport double amount of the goods and with forklifts we are able to unload the goods ourselfs. This system provide to us a unique advantage e.g. in construction site where usual loading bays and logistics at all are still not available.

Each vehicle is 24/7 monitored and under regular inspections and services reducing number of defects and delays to a minimum in long term.
All our units are equipped with a tracking devices providing us detail information about vehicle performance and traffic data. Our dispatch department is following these data to comply with the dispatch plan. We trust that our vehicle is the best advertisement of our work.


The most of drivers is working with us for many years. We are very proud of having excellent relationships with our employees. Our personal care system is moving towards not just maximum work performance, but also personal growth and support beyond work environment. Our goal and wish in the field of staffing is that our employees should be proud to work for us.

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